Mapping Festival 2007 documentary on Swiss TV

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Let’s go straight to the hype! Interviews with a select group of the participants and the festival organizers. Overall it does a pretty good job of covering what this stuff is all about. If I can I’ll make a version with subtitles.


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Stationery show 2007: part two

Ah..Here it comes again from design*sponge..Perfect !! Somebody shoot me !!

.: ( all text and images via design*sponge ) :.

today is my final day of stationery show coverage- i wish i could go on for weeks about this show but i’ll try to let the pictures do the talking. yesterday someone said to me “it must feel like a highschool reunion at that show” and it’s definitely true- i find the stationery designers to be the friendliest group around- they’re always happy to talk to you and show you what’s new. so, a big thanks to everyone i met at the show- hope to see you all next year. [notepads above from snow & graham]beautiful new wall calendars from snow & graham.

gorgeous metallic designs from little tree press.

i just loved the booth design at tallu-lah. such a pretty little space- i wanted to move right in.

herman yu always shows such wonderfully simple but elegant designs…

delphine was one of my favorite booths at the show- every piece was so elegant and beautifully letterpressed. i loved the tiny squirrel boxes and woodland cards- not to mention the “bonjour” bird.

vintage fabric clocks from pamela barsky.

adorable little salmon colored cards from millimeter/milligram.

without a doubt stacy pancake‘s booth is always in my top three. she’s just about the coolest girl around and i always, always love her cards. this year stacy decided to go green and is now printing all of her cards on recycled paper (with 100% biodegradable bags)- she also introduced a fun series with red lentils, black eyed peas and macaroni on them. my personal favs are the ones with the simplest images: the single tea bag, candles and especially the daisies. her word is just plain lovely.

right across from stacy was the beautiful peculiar pair press booth- they showed a lovely series of wrapping papers, insect cards, and intricately detailed and letterpressed greeting cards.

there was a german company called parkhaus berlin that showed beautiful felt pieces. i loved these egg cozies.

more lovely cards from binth– i loved the purples they used this year.

jean at eieio studio released a fun series of cards with variations on the word “love”. simple but sweet.

leigh at jezebel introduced a seriously cute line of baby t-shirts. with everyone i know having babies this year i’m gonna have to stock up on these.

kelly green and yellow at egg press– popular colors this year.

more prints and cards from hammerpress

amy ruppel (who i got to meet in person!) paperweights from popink.

yellow floral notebooks from snow & graham.

new animal cards from sesame letterpress.

fun little fortune packs from rosebud design studio. open them up and you’ve got weeks and weeks’ worth of fortune-cookie style fortunes inside. so cute.

adorable children’s wall art from whimsy press.

these gorgeous notebooks are part of paper+cup press’ new office line. you’re going to love the new collection- it’s full of sophisticated products with a fun little girly spin to them.

notebooks (that will have hot pink binding rather than red when they launch) from see jane work‘s signature line of office accessories.

beautiful designs for children by mel lim.

flirty hair pins from the lovely kelly at relish.

more cuteness from night owl paper goods.

a festival of yellow at elum.

i love jill bliss‘ stitched wallets…

lisa at good on paper could not be any cuter. and neither could her “little peanut” baby designs…

fun little coasters from the lovely jacinta of allymoon.

missing a name for these, will find asap…loved the bright colors they used in their papers.

perfect little ladybug cards from jane at foxy&winston.

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Design Week Party Pics 2007

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Aside from all the amazing designs- chairs, products, homewares, and spaces- that make NY Design Week such a wonderful whirlwind, when you get right down to it, it’s a week of parties. The beacons and icons of design come from all corners of the globe to grace the galleries, stores, and trade show booths of New York for one week full of shindigs and soirees, their own presence as important as their designs.

Below are our favorite pics from the parties, for the full set, check our Flickr Feed >

Entrance to HauteGREEN

Rebecca Silver and Kimberly Oliver, HauteGREEN organizers

Emily from Inhabitat with Tejo Remy, Dutch designer and Reclaiming Design panelist

Jill and Jill with their Escama purses

For more images: here and here >

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Icff 2007: part two

Ahh..Here it comes again, wonderful coverage by Design*Sponge :

( text and images via )

today is my second day of icff coverage- i thought i could get it into two days but i’m going to have to do a third day on friday- i don’t want to run everything off the page so stay tuned on friday for surtex and the last day of icff. what follows below are more highlights from the show and well as some additional projects from designers we talked about on monday. i’ll be doing more in-depth coverage of some of these icff artists over the new few weeks so stay tuned for that. hope you enjoy everything- and, as always, if you’d like to skip this and go straight to full-sized photo slideshow just click here to do so. (owl lamp above by designer rick lee)this beautiful horn chandelier from ochre was the first piece i saw at the show- it would be such a gorgeous addition to a dramatic dining room.

most everyone i talked to at the show fell hard for this little noguchi lamp- it wasn’t a new piece but it had such a sweetness about it.

lace votives at the juju booth.

i loved this piece- you just stick in a piece of toast and the “zuze” machine prints/toasts a pattern on the bread line by line. designed by inseq design.

beautiful new wallpaper from palace papers.

new shelving from areaware

i loved the way the ercole booth draped these small chandeliers on a mirror. such a nice touch…

draw on your wallpaper with rollout‘s custom wallpaper.

colorful botanical lighting from noodle.

additional pieces from risd’s seriously kick-butt exhibition in conjunction with swarovski- “lawn kitsch” lawn chair by alex spain-strombom, a “winged chandelier” by kallie weinkle, crystal-studded arm chair by james lear.

i was beyond thrilled to meet the lovely ladies of loyal loot collective. i’ve been a fan of theirs for a few years now so i couldn’t resist buying some of their log bowls at the desigboom mart. the wooden decorative collars were cool, too. i noticed david keeps of the LA Times eyeing them…

the winners of umbra’s pratt competition…

i’m desp. trying to find info on this booth. for some reason i can’t find my card for it– these wallpaper patterns from soon design are made up of photographs of women, but from afar they just look like geometric patterns. so cool.

more risd work: ann adams’ “amorphous lamps” and alex spain-stromborn’s silk and crystal piece.

i’m a sucker for a fabric sandwich. this fun little guy and the beautiful table and stools were from thout design.

new work from timorous beasties.

chair from mike and maaike.

new furniture from autobahn– i loved the little gold basket side table.

beautiful powder-coated aluminum stools from designer jonathan nesci of hale furniture.

one of the best kids’ pieces at the show- a convertible high chair by age design. you can flip the piece around 360 degrees and it becomes either a high chair or a “big kid” seat.

as always, kstudio showed some really lovely work at icff. i loved shelly’s new “people” dolls and the two-sided pillows with images of people and pets. such a nice progression in her work- and of course the stitching and color choices were impeccable.

i love love loved the embroidered detail on this bedding from flou.

let me preface this by saying i think this is a seriously scary couch, but it was too crazy not to post. it just screams “I AM A GIANT ORANGE VELVETY SQUIGGLY SOFA!” (from edra)

lovely button/light installation that was part of the house creatures booth (a project by the faculty of design and art at the free university of bozen in italy).

beautiful woodworking from hida japan.

i loved this twised wooden lighting and the pretty fuschia chair from essenze.

“three” tripod lighting from hans and franz.

crystal drop lighting from refer + staer.

i love a big chunky gem- these resin paperweight/sculptures were from designer john torreano.

i’m a big chrissy angliker fan so i was psyched to see her updated “peace button”. this one requires a bit more dedication though- you’re meant to sew it onto your shirt or bag or use it as a subsitute button for clothing. very cool.

very, very cool hand-painted jewelry from bethan laura wood of wood uk.

“snow tree” netted lighting from suhyun hwang.

lovely new modern birdhouses from jed crystal– always one of my favorites at the show.

i love the play on this baroque style mirror, but updated with a corkboard finish. from designer julian mayor.

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MODGREENPOD Sustainable Fabrics & Upholstery

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ModGreenPod, Organic Textiles, Sustainable fabrics, green upholstery, organic cotton upholstery, HauteGreen 2

One thing we are especially excited to check out at this weekend’s HauteGREEN show is the new range of fabrics and wallpaper by ModGreenPod. Sisters-in-law Nancy Mims and Lisa Mims design adorable poppy wallpapers and furniture upholsteries that are as eco-friendly as they are easy-on-the-eye. Coincidentally, ModGreenPod’s graphic textiles also grace the seats of the Hi-Five chairs, another HauteGREEN highlight. The fabrics are made from organic cotton and adorned with bright, graphic prints, proving that “eco fabric” does not have to mean “undyed hemp.”
ModGreenPod, Organic Textiles, Sustainable fabrics, green upholstery, organic cotton upholstery, HauteGreen

Using the highest-quality organic materials, ModGreenPod produces their fabrics without using any harmful finishing agents and a water-based printing process. They also have a line of vinyl-free wallpapers with the same graphic templates, all made without harmful chemicals and screen-printed right here in the U.S. of A.

Check out ModGreenPod at this weekend’s HauteGREEN festivities!


Hi Five, Hi-Five, Kiel Mead, Green furniture, HauteGreen, BKLYN Designs, Richlite, Richlite Chair, Organic Cotton Upholstery 2

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New York Design Week 2007: Kimberly Oliver

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Video here >


Kimberly Oliver, one of the producers and curators of the exceptional Haute Green 2007 show, tours us through a couple favorite items: Cohda Design UK‘s RD4 chair, and hivemindesign‘s Stack Stool.



View all New York Design Week 2007 coverage

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CologneOFF III – Call for entries

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Call for entries
deadline 1 August 2007

CologneOFF III
3rd edition of Cologne Online Film Festival

Festival theme:
Toon! Toon! – art cartoons and animated narratives

After the successful launch of CologneOFF – Cologne Online Film Festival and the organisation of the first two editions in 2006 CologneOFF I – Identityscapes, CologneOFF II – Image vs Music, VideoChannel is preparing now edition III of CologneOFF to be launched in October 2007: —>Toon! Toon! – art cartoons and animated narratives

VideoChannel invites artists and directors for submitting animated films/videos telling a story in form of a cartoon or other forms of narratives by using the new digital technologies.

Rules: http://rhizome.org/thread.rhiz?thread=25842&page=1#48287

Originally by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne from Rhizome.org Raw at May 22, 2007, 02:00, published by Ana Otero

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Maker Faire Photos

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Hi Makers! Thanks to everyone who came out to the Maker Faire and helped make it a success! We had so much fun meeting everyone. We’ll have plenty of recaps for you on the MAKE blog once we get all our photos up and have sufficiently recovered from our aching feet. If you missed it, we’ll be doing another Maker Faire this October 20-21 in Austin so we hope to meet you there!

Check out our blogger team photos here:

  • Phil’s Photos – Link.
  • Bre’s Photos – Link.
  • Brian’s Photos – Link.
  • Nat’s CRAFT Photos – Link.

All photos tagged makerfaire and makerfairebayarea2007.

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Icff 2007: part one

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.: As you can see again, a great coverage by Design*sponge :.


my feet are sore and my voice is just about gone, which means it’s design season in nyc! this past weekend i took my first shot at covering icff, the stationery show and surtex. over the next 5 days i’ll be posting highlights from all three shows. today will be all about icff, but if you’d like to skip the text and go straight to the (full-sized) images you can click here for a slideshow of icff part 1 images.icff didn’t really knock me over this year, but there were some stand out pieces. i felt like something about the show just didn’t “pop” this year like it normally does. a lot of booths were using acrylic again (bent acrylic chairs, curved acrylic tables or side chairs) and more than i can count were using bent ply and walnut veneer. that’s not to say that any of those materials are inherently bad, but they do tend to get used in a fairly predictable manner. hopefully haute green or next year’s icff will show designers using these materials in a more inventive way. enough with the down side- let’s get to the good part: highlights! the show provided more than enough product design for two posts so today will be my absolute favorites….

as always, karen combs at nama rococo produced some of the most beautiful pieces at the show. she debuted a fantastic new hot pink (and i mean HOT PINK) wallpaper design with beautiful droplets of green mixed in. it was a great expansion on the current collection and further proof that nama rococo is a company to watch.

we talked about catherine hammerton last year so i was thrilled to see her exhibiting again amongst her british colleagues. this year she debuted the stunning pick wall art above, made from paper that’s been sewn and burnt in spots to create the wall hanging you see above. catherine also showed her lovely gingko paper seen above in black- she’s always playing with texture and paper in such inventive ways.

this next booth was without a doubt one of my favorites of the show. risd teamed up with swarovski to create a collection inspired by the company’s crystals. the “extruded swarovski” chair above (featured in three photos) by maria gmuca was my favorite piece of the show hands down. i wanted to EAT this chair i loved it so much. the big, chunky crystals up against the smooth chair with all of its different ridges was absolutely stunning to behold. sure, it’s not the most practical piece, but the pixelated nature of the chair combined with those huge chunks of crystal was just too beautiful to ignore. i could go on and on about this piece but i’ll save you my blithering and mention that i’ll be going into more depth about this booth later this week.

wallpaper was definitely one of the categories that did well at this year’s show and david roos‘ work was no exception. the british designer’s collection reminded me of nama rococo, but with a more sophisticated twist. the green pattern to the left was particularly stunning in person.

i remember seeing chandeliers like this in anthropologie years ago, but the concept still makes me happy. designer ali siahvoshi‘s “hungry” sconce was a simple but beautiful piece of lighting. shiny, symmetrical and just begging to be used in the kitchen…

the boys of mio introduced another beautiful cardboard system this year. “nomad” is made from recycled, double wall cardboard and can be assembled without hardware or tools. my camera didn’t capture the color well, though- the greens are much more vibrant in person.

these colorful timber stools from fleetwood were everyone’s favorite. these friendly little stools came in a wide range of colors and can be used as stools or occasional tables.

every year the eames booth does something fun with one of the lounge chairs- this year they cast it from solid steel. that’s right- not metallic fabric, but solid metal. better for looking than sitting…

these beautiful lights were at the juju booth (more on them later this week). the pattern was screenprinted onto the clay for a subtle bit of pattern.

also part of the juju booth, these little “lovelies” were actually magnetic ceramic salt and pepper shakers.

the brits were really on top of their game this year- i really enjoyed almost all of their booths on the right side of the show. designer louise body showed some beautiful screened pillows, bolsters and wallpaper- each lovelier than the next (her website is FULL of images so be sure to check it out. i’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of her on blogs this week).

hulger had a fun booth (manned by a super cutie) with all sorts of new “old” phones that plug right into your cell. these hand-written and lizard skin (i believe it’s faux) styles were my favorite.

it goes without saying really that deborah bowness‘ booth was be-autiful.

amenity home showed some really fantastic baby linens this year. i loved the retro meets modern vibe and the new color palette. they made sure that this new series still blended well with the existing “adult” line, which was a nice touch.

carly and ophir at cavern home showed some great new patterns- they were hard to get a good picture of (my camera has trouble with the lighting at icff sometimes) but i’m sure i can grab some professional shots soon…

i noticed a lot of great design for kids this year. one of my favorites was from newcomer boodalee. there was a fun retro vibe to their work, too and i loved the way the patterns reminded me of wooden building blocks.

of course i can’t find the card for this piece right now but i’ll update it soon. this was a beautiful black version of the cocoon lamp i wrote about last year at icff. i’m running out the door to cover more of the stationery show today so i’ll find the details for this tonight.

i LOVED these new colorful tabletop lamps from pablo. so much more manageable and fun than the original size in my opinion.

last but definitely not least was a wonderful new booth full of south african designers. amaridian was a collection of pieces from african designers- ranging from beautiful red beetle shelving to lush chandeliers in red, black and white. i’ll have more from them later this week. for now i’m off to the stationery show…

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Stationery show 2007: part one

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this year’s stationery show was a blast. despite the fact that each year it feels like the good booths are hidden behind rows of people selling self-help books, halloween masks and crazy hats (those booths drive me nuts), this year’s show did not dissapoint. after about 20 rows of the aforementioned tchotchkes, i stumbled upon a few fantastic companies i hadn’t seen before. today’s highlights will include my favorite “new” companies (you’re going to love joy’s beautiful debut line below) and plenty of great new work from the companies we already know and love. my computer is chock-full of stationery show photos so there will be a part two on thursday with many, many more photos. until then, here’s my first day roundup of stationery show highlights. if you’d like to skip the text and go straight to the full sized photo slide show just click here.

one of the booths that stood out the most to me belonged to molly meng of 8mm. i don’t know where i’ve been living (under a rock perhaps) that i haven’t seen her work before but i’m so glad i’ve seen it now. i loved her beautiful birdhead series and the “carbon” series that looks like lined paper. such beautiful work…

small square design of san francisco was new to the show this year. artist basak notz created the sweetest, most adorable cards for adults and children. the lovely baby cards and recipe journals were my favorite- they had such a nice sense of softness to them. due in no small part to her wonderful way with line and color. be sure to check out her work right here.

this year’s show marked the debut of fellow blogger joy’s beautiful nantaka joy line. i knew it would be great but i didn’t have any idea how great it would be until i saw them in person. these photos can’t do the collection justice- joy’s line is stunning. the way she worked with metallics was just gorgeous- i would have bought those top journals right on the spot- and i think many, many people will once they’re in stores. i can’t wait to see what joy does next- she’s got such a great eye and i’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. and it’s a very pretty iceberg already…

sweet bella had a beautiful booth full of accessories like tiles and the sweet white letters above. they also debuted a new line from lisa stickley, shown above.

for some reason my notes are a little scrambled for this row but i’m pretty sure these beautiful cards belong to studio olivine (please feel free to correct me if i’m wrong!). i loved the colors they were using- the soft melon color and the rich ochre yellow were such nice choices.

amy of amh design debuted a great new series of notebooks that have holes in them for embroidery! i love the idea that you could personalize your notebook with a needle and thread rather than labels or something flat. she also showed cute little stitched ipod covers- colorful and perfect for summer.

letterpressed “love” card from deluce design.

it was a pleasure to meet katie muth in person and check out her lovely new calendars- can’t wait for these to hit stores.

colorful coasters and aprons from rock scissor paper.

i love trace– they’re one of my favorite stationery companies around and whenever their website is up and running they’ll surely be regulars on the site. until then, you can browse some of their new products above. i loved the printed linen albums and “hi y’all” cards. they’ve always got something fun, different and colorful to share.

i was nuts about little tree press‘ calendars. so simple but so beautiful.

new cards and a handsome new print from binth in chicago.

egg press is always one of my favorites- their work was fantastic as always.

retro-style cards from elum.

brady and lindsay at hammerpress debuted some gorgeous long cards and a great new cowboy print that i’m already trying to find a place for in my home. they’re consistently great so it was tough to pick which pieces to photograph. you can check out their site for more work and to shop online.

i was thrilled to meet blogger/author/designer meg mateo ilasco in person at the show. her pillows and stationery were even lovelier in person than online. i was particularly into her ikat-style notebooks and the bold colors she worked with. i loved the combination of deep yellows, reds, blues and pinks. such great work. and of course, her little ex libris bookplates were painfully cute.

last but most certainly not least is night owl paper goods. i’ve been a fan of theirs for a while now but was so psyched to hear the buzz on their booth. they seemed to be a show favorite so when i pulled into their booth at closing time last night i was glad i could catch their work in person. aside from having a seriously kick-ass vintage embroidery in their booth (first photo above), they had a wonderful series of new stationery and announcements to show. i loved the button series and thought their children and baby designers were so, so sweet. they also showed a great line of moving announcements and cards printed on thin wood veneer. very, very cool. more to come from them this week.

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NY Design week

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It is hard to keep track of everything happening this week. Thanks to Core77’s list of events, things are easier to navigate. Last night I donned the new and improved umbrella dress and braved the crowd at the smashing opening of HauteGREEN. Then I ended up at the Core77 party at Botanica, where much relieved HG organizers could be seen blowing off steam on the dance floor. Tonight I will go to the launch of KIOSK books and possibly get caught in the ebb and flow of design friends and end up at some other events. Tomorrow @ 5pm is reserved for the Reclaiming Design panel, which is being moderated by Inhabitat and includes Tejo Remy of Droog, Carlos Salgado of Scrapile, designer Matt Gagnon and Sam Grawe of Dwell.

Happy Design Week!

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Milan Design Week ’07

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where is design going?
a snapshot report on the milan design week 2007

we had a difficult time choosing the images for this year’s showcase. whilst designboom aim to provide our readers with an accurate account of the contemporary design scene, each year we are lead to question the sensibility of the projects we have seen. the designboom team have been in the ‘design business’ over 20 years, and with this ‘maker’ experience it is sometimes difficult for us to report objectively. in our opinion, the design practise is always a matter of perspective and based on the recognition of need, ‘real need’! the problem is that most needs are ephemeral and that’s why most designs are ephemeral. design depends largely on constraints, and these usually include ethics. design is a method of action – to see if if people’s interest go beyond the surface of things. ‘good’ design, like anything ‘good’, is a manifestation of the capacity of the human spirit to transcend its limitations. it enriches its maker (through the experience of making) and its viewer/user (who, interacts to what it has to say). where is the attempt of cultural participation within the practise of design today?

the emphasis on novelty as THE desirable quality tends to obscure a superior performance in this creative area. also, it is no secret that the world in which the designer functions is the world of buying and selling and serious barriers to the realization of ‘good’ design are the layers of management
(including marketing and advertising consultants) and the distribution channels. the media celibrity today of architects and designers that pose as artists are playing a considerable part in creating today’s consumer society. ambitious, ‘punkish chic’ designers (unconsciously) offer distraction from real problems and overproduction. very few designers strive for utopian alternatives, or just a compensation for … this nightmare.

don’t be disheartened, amongst our selection there are some stimulating approaches. we hope you enjoy browsing through our new snapshot galleries.

choose gallery >

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