Jakob Trollback: Rethinking the music video

What would a music video look like if it were purely directed by the music? Not driven by a concept, nor by a desire to build an image, but purely as an expression of a great song? Designer Jakob Trollback shares the results of his experiment in the form. The song is “Moonlight in Glory,” from David Byrne and Brian Eno’s classic album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, remastered in 2006.


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Larry Lessig: How Creativity is being strangled by the law

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Lost Treasures of the Ancient World: The Seven Wonders

Discover extraordinary Greek and Roman architecture such as: the Pyramids of Egypt, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Statue of Zeus, the Temple of Artemis, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes, and the Pharos of Alexandria through new location footage, stylish period reconstructions, 3D graphics and animation sequences, and interpretations and analyses by the world’s leading authorities.

[ link,text source: ursi’s blog ]

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i love it.

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Sinkin’ soon

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snort this!

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David Lynch and psychosis

( text source: mindhacks, image source: imdb )


The Psychologist has just made an article available that looks at the parallels between the most recent David Lynch film, Inland Empire, and what we know of the psychology of psychosis.

The article looks at some of the proposed pathologies of psychosis, drawn from cognitive science, and suggests how these are represented in Lynch’s latest movie.

Paranoia comes with an inherent sense of personal threat and concomitant fear. Inland Empire’s dark and chilling world is produced in part by David Lynch’s use of story. While fear is generated with genuinely unsettling imagery and dark shadowy lighting, it also comes from the carefully managed attrition of any recognisable storyline. The audience, who have been led through the early stages of the plot with some of the conventional devices of storytelling (coherent dialogue, linear chronology) are suddenly thrown into a world of unfamiliar film cuts, unexplained locations and wordless acting. We are forced to jump to our own conclusions and build what narrative we will from scant concrete evidence as to events. Our sense of sense itself forces us to put something together and, given the presence of ominous emotions and apparent malice, what we put together is a paranoid and terrifying vision of the intentions of the characters in the film and even the world we inhabit.

Lynch’s hallucinatory style certainly suggests altered realities and this is not the first time that it has been linked with mind-being reality distortion, as countless interpretations of Mulholland Drive testify.

Link to article ‘David Lynch and psychosis’.

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Worms [2007]

This experimental underground music video shows Lolly Jane Blue on her way down the earth layers; a journey leading to a climactic underwater ballet…

Swim [2005]

In a time where all is designed to be controlled, the elementary force of our very existence brings an undeniable fusion for a magic moment. This short film is simply about the power that brings us all to life.

Duet [2004]

Modern and classical merge in a sky-blue scenery at the first peep of dawn.

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