Kerry Skarbakka

” Heidegger described human existence as a process of perpetual falling, and it is the responsibility of each individual to “catch ourselves” from our own uncertainty. My work is in response to this delicate state. It questions what it means to resist the struggle, to simply let go, and the consequences of holding on. The images stand as reminders that we are all vulnerable to losing our footing and grasp, symbolizing the precarious balancing act between the struggle against our desire to survive and our fantasy to transcend our humanness.

: in the The Struggle to Right Oneself

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Nicoline Patricia Malina


Images rights reserved by Nicoline Patricia Malina.

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Steel Works by Terry Evans

Terry Evans

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Fetish, By Louboutin and Lynch

( text source: yatzer, image source: wallpaper )


galerie du passage| Pierre Passebon presents :

DAVID LYNCH (Photographs, 2007) + CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN (Shoes, 2007)

In one of the more imaginative collaborations we’ve seen of late, Christian Louboutin and David Lynch have locked heads and created a show, Fetish. The exhibition shows five limited edition pairs of shoes by Louboutin alongside five signed photographs of the shoes by Lynch. As if Louboutin’s day-to-day footwear weren’t fetishistic enough, the pair together has taken the theme to an entirely new level.

As with so many collaborations, things moved very quickly. The process began when Lynch commissioned Louboutin to make shoes for an exhibition he was hosting at the Cartier Foundation back in March this year. The pair quickly became friends and when Louboutin wanted to push the notion of extreme fetish in his work, by creating shoes and then playing with their creative representation in two-dimensional images, it was clear Lynch would be the man to translate his vision.

‘I tried to keep an element of my drawings, to be faithful to the drawings, with no practicality, just pleasure, thinking of extreme fetish shoes. Usually when you go to the third dimension you lose something,’ explains Louboutin of his initial concept, ‘then I wanted to photograph them – I find there’s more emotion with cinematic images. I wanted Lynch’s style and since we’d recently become friends it was natural for me to ask him.’

The designer has an atelier where the one-of-a-kind shoes are created. With practicality and comfort out the window, Louboutin has pushed the designs to their limits: think 26cms heels, spikes on the inside and sole of the shoe, and Siamese heels (two shoes fused at the heel).

The idea is that the shoe becomes a cult object, transcending the most beautiful part of the shoe and/or foot. Louboutin pinpoints ‘The Siamese shoe’ as his favourite, ‘For me the shoe and the picture together become very close to Twin Peaks.’

via wallpaper, thanx to Eleana Karageorgiou

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Vadim Onishchenko Wildlife & Genre Photography

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Vadim Onishchenko Photography

Wildlife Photography is my favorite genre, all my photographs of nature are taken in the wild. Israel’s unique location at the junction of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, makes it a site that hosts an extraordinary phenomena, and best for Wildlife Bird photography due to the fact that 500 million migrating birds cross its skies twice a year. Besides the Birds there are also many Wild Animals and Reptiles in Israel. All these provide a fine opportunity to be engaged in studying and photographing the fauna of this country. Israel is also recognized as the center of three religions, here you can find relics of Jewish, Christian and Muslim heritage, it together gives an exclusive opportunity to Photographers to illustrate beauty and originality combining both Nature and the culture of three religions.

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