Milan Design Week ’07

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where is design going?
a snapshot report on the milan design week 2007

we had a difficult time choosing the images for this year’s showcase. whilst designboom aim to provide our readers with an accurate account of the contemporary design scene, each year we are lead to question the sensibility of the projects we have seen. the designboom team have been in the ‘design business’ over 20 years, and with this ‘maker’ experience it is sometimes difficult for us to report objectively. in our opinion, the design practise is always a matter of perspective and based on the recognition of need, ‘real need’! the problem is that most needs are ephemeral and that’s why most designs are ephemeral. design depends largely on constraints, and these usually include ethics. design is a method of action – to see if if people’s interest go beyond the surface of things. ‘good’ design, like anything ‘good’, is a manifestation of the capacity of the human spirit to transcend its limitations. it enriches its maker (through the experience of making) and its viewer/user (who, interacts to what it has to say). where is the attempt of cultural participation within the practise of design today?

the emphasis on novelty as THE desirable quality tends to obscure a superior performance in this creative area. also, it is no secret that the world in which the designer functions is the world of buying and selling and serious barriers to the realization of ‘good’ design are the layers of management
(including marketing and advertising consultants) and the distribution channels. the media celibrity today of architects and designers that pose as artists are playing a considerable part in creating today’s consumer society. ambitious, ‘punkish chic’ designers (unconsciously) offer distraction from real problems and overproduction. very few designers strive for utopian alternatives, or just a compensation for … this nightmare.

don’t be disheartened, amongst our selection there are some stimulating approaches. we hope you enjoy browsing through our new snapshot galleries.

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