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Givin Blu A Run For His Money – Sam3 Goes Fucking Huge in Murcia


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Awesome creatures

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We love animals! Even the kind that don’t exist!

We’re on our way to creating a rich eco-system of funky, super-weird creatures. We’ve enlisted the help of talented artists and designers to create a line of sassy animal-themed t-shirts. Every few months, you’ll see a new (hopefully funny) take on animals popping up on our site.

Call it Noah’s Ark 2.0 – except we have more than two of a kind, and they’re all for sale!

Have a cool idea or need to get in contact with us? Reach us here!

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Stay Awesome!

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Fokus Fabrik

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” The world of Fokus Fabrik reflects freshness, purity and happiness – making you enjoy your existence. In addition to modern fabrics, the Fokus Fabrik collection includes ready-made products such as bags, clothing and bed linen. Fokus Fabrik´s fabrics can be used to create a unique living and working environment. All the products of the collection are ethically made in Finland. Designers Tiia Eronen, Eeva Heikkinen, Laura Järveläinen and Hanna Kerman started their co-operation in 2005. Their design studio is located at the old factory in Helsinki, Finland.”

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Online Pujas/World’s Most Polluted – Boing Boing TV

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Steel Works by Terry Evans

Terry Evans

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Fetish, By Louboutin and Lynch

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galerie du passage| Pierre Passebon presents :

DAVID LYNCH (Photographs, 2007) + CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN (Shoes, 2007)

In one of the more imaginative collaborations we’ve seen of late, Christian Louboutin and David Lynch have locked heads and created a show, Fetish. The exhibition shows five limited edition pairs of shoes by Louboutin alongside five signed photographs of the shoes by Lynch. As if Louboutin’s day-to-day footwear weren’t fetishistic enough, the pair together has taken the theme to an entirely new level.

As with so many collaborations, things moved very quickly. The process began when Lynch commissioned Louboutin to make shoes for an exhibition he was hosting at the Cartier Foundation back in March this year. The pair quickly became friends and when Louboutin wanted to push the notion of extreme fetish in his work, by creating shoes and then playing with their creative representation in two-dimensional images, it was clear Lynch would be the man to translate his vision.

‘I tried to keep an element of my drawings, to be faithful to the drawings, with no practicality, just pleasure, thinking of extreme fetish shoes. Usually when you go to the third dimension you lose something,’ explains Louboutin of his initial concept, ‘then I wanted to photograph them – I find there’s more emotion with cinematic images. I wanted Lynch’s style and since we’d recently become friends it was natural for me to ask him.’

The designer has an atelier where the one-of-a-kind shoes are created. With practicality and comfort out the window, Louboutin has pushed the designs to their limits: think 26cms heels, spikes on the inside and sole of the shoe, and Siamese heels (two shoes fused at the heel).

The idea is that the shoe becomes a cult object, transcending the most beautiful part of the shoe and/or foot. Louboutin pinpoints ‘The Siamese shoe’ as his favourite, ‘For me the shoe and the picture together become very close to Twin Peaks.’

via wallpaper, thanx to Eleana Karageorgiou

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Commercial Gucci by Gucci – David Lynch

Making of :-

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What’s in a word ?

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Ever wondered what would happen if you substituted the word ‘design’ for another word in a well-known saying? Well, the answers are here. Designed by Lippa Pearce Design, What’s in a word? is a small typographic publication of 26 well known phrases. The opening introduction explains the exploration toward “…the power of words and the power of well-known sayings in our collective unconscious. Because the key word is ‘design’ it also shows how fundamental design is and should be in our thinking.”

Asking 26 writers from the writer’s group 26 to come up with the sayings, Domenic Lippa of Lippa Pearce designed the publication and typography with the assistance of designers, Paul Skerm and James West. Screaming it’s Pentagram influence from front to back, this is a beautiful must have for all designers, writers and design thinkers!

Originally written on Anamorphosis

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Mind Manifestation

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“Did you know ‘Psychedelic’ is Greek for Mind Manifesting? Alexander Shulgin is the inventor/discoverer of many psychedelic drugs, working from home, like an alchemist. And this makes him a legend. This piece on him is a good introduction. The most interesting thing about the online part of his “PIHKAL, Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved: A Chemical Love Story By Alexander and Ann Shulgin” are not the detailed chemical instructions on how to synthesize 127 (!) different mind-altering drugs (some if not most of them illegal), but the commentary about what they do and how they work. Shulgin was his own lab-rat and between large segments of objective banter about metabolites and neurotoxicity you will find all sorts of observations and confessions you would not expect to find in a proper science text. To my knowledge this is one of the best published accounts that shows, between the lines, the day-to-day reality of the scientist. How he proceeds by navigating both on past results and experience as well as by ‘inspiration’ and gut-feeling. “

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Facebook skit

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NOKI’s show styled by Dazed’s Creative Director Nicola Formichetti and titled NHS, (Noki House of Sustainability), provided all kinds of madness from Scottish designer JJ Hudon’s original Noki frock to his latest couture gowns.Outfits were made from all kinds of things including materials once discarded by people, reconstructed with embellishments, new cuts, and new details all made by hand; in a statement against the globalisation of fashion.All looks came fully equiped with a Noki mask and during the couture section this mask was cut to reveal glitter lips! Hair, makeup and nails all joined together to make this show one to remember.

Noki is currently collaborating with Luella on a line of footwear and handbags.

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H.R. Giger at work

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