The Book of Grass

( text,image source: socialfiction )


“The Book of Grass” compiled by George Andrews and Simon Vinkenoog in 1969 is an anthology to be proud of. Bringing together the very old and traditional (Hindu Veda’s, Hassan Ibn Sabbah), modern classic writers (Baudelaire, Nerval, Rimbaud, Lewis Carroll etc) to classic modern writers (Hesse, Ginsburg, Burroughs, Huxley, Trocchi, Bowles, Michaux, etc, etc). But here it does not stop, a considerable segment of this volume is filled with medical, scientific and political papers about the medical effect of hemp, the need to realize cosmic consiousness through it, and the (non)sense regarding legislation surrounding it. As a document of its time AND as a well researched anthology with permanent value, this books deserves all credit. Did I ever read it? No! It has been in my pile of books marked “to read” for at least 10 months and probably it will stay there for another while. Partly its problem is that it contains too much of too little to get really into it. But mostly because the topic just bores the shit out of me. It turns out to be available online (PDF-link) so have a look at it if you are a stoner.


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