Universal Paper Craft!

( via pingmag.jp )

Universal Paper Craft!

Let us introduce from left to right: the grey old-fashioned robot from the 50s, the “Space Patrol” robot in his car on a pedestal and the flying robot dog on a LEGO brick. Welcome to the wonderful world of paper crafts!


A sailing ship made by paper crafting. That must have taken quite some time… Unbelievable, isn’t it?


Paper Nikko Tosho-gu youmeimon – extremely elaborate paper work!

At one point, everybody enjoyed making it at as a kid: Paper crafts! Just by cutting and folding you can create your own line of unique paper toys. As it doesn’t require any special technique, all of you big-clawed fellas too, can have fun making these delicate paper toys slowly and carefully at your own pace. Once you get the hang of it, try a bit more of the difficult paper crafting such as animals and insects, then move on to the outright challenging wind-up toys or spaceships. For today, PingMag is visiting the AssistOn gallery space in Harajuku for its current paper crafting exhibition. And hold your breath…afterwards the PingMag crew will try to engage in paper crafting too.

Written by Ryoko
Written by Rie Ishimi

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