Hack Your Brain – Make Video Podcast

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This weekend, learn how to hack your brain by making Mitch Altman’s Brain Machine! It flashes LEDs into your eyes and beeps sounds into your ears to make your brain waves sync up into beta, alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves!

Mitch invents cool things that make the world a better place. He’s well known for the TV-B-GONE and this brain machine is his latest project. One of the cool things about this project, is that it builds on an open source project. Mitch used Lady Ada‘s open source MiniPOV and switched out LEDs and added new capacitors and resistors and then rewrote the firmware to make it into the brain machine. It’s super cool when people make hardware open source so that others can work with it!

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Make sure to take pictures of your build and of you in your brain machine and upload them to the Make: flickr pool.

Weekend Projects is sponsored by microchip.com. Check out their seminars and 16 bit contest.

Get the podcast and pdf downloaded automatically in itunes. – Link


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  1. Charles says:

    I plan to build the audio-visual kit as described in MAKE Vol 10.
    I have already had some excperience hacking my own brain by using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, developed by Francis Shapiro).
    EMDR will absolutely kill stress related to any downer in hours. This incredibly simple self-administered technique appears to open a channel to the subconscious mind (scratch 5 years of meditation). Have a g’day any day, mate.
    The possibilities of EMDR are intriguing to say the least, and best of all – no seizures!
    It may be possible to combine EMDR and the audio effects for a double whammy. However be careful and keep your finger on the power switch, because with flashing lights, seizures are possible.

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