5000 Darwin letters go online

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Posted by: Arnold van Bezooyen

Photo: The Megatherium Skeleton includes some key fossils supplied by Darwin and shows how his earliest research helped to further the programme of natural theological science

The Darwin Correspondence Project has a new web site. The main feature of the site is an online database with the complete, searchable, texts of around 5,000 letters written by and to Charles Darwin up to the year 1865. This includes all the surviving letters from the Beagle voyage – online for the first time – and all the letters from the years around the publication of Origin of species in 1859.

Enjoy this historic footprint of design in the first new major content area on Darwin and design in nature with a list of letters that discuss design in nature. For instance, with letters between Charles Darwin and the Anglican clergyman Charles Kingsley (a strong supporter of Darwin and a proponent of design) and letters discussing work by the Scottish statesman George Douglas Campbell, the duke of Argyll, an advocate of design and a leading critic of Darwin.


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