Why a Book ?

( via design observer )

Today’s the official publication date of my first book, Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design.

Here are some warnings up front. It is a 272-page book about design that contains no pictures. Each essay, as you may have heard, is published in a different typeface, and you may not find every typeface equally easy to read. And 68 of the pieces in the book were previously published on Design Observer, in one form or another, which means you can read most of them for free here.

So, then, why a book?

Good question. Here’s another one: why write about design at all? I still remember the first time I tried. More than twenty years ago, I was asked to write something for Statements, the magazine of the late, great American Center for Design. It was a special issue on design education, and I was probably the youngest contributor. The others were educators, professors with advanced degrees, people who had published a lot of things. I was a relatively recent design school graduate staring at a blank piece of paper. And staring, and staring.

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