Right click – Open source new art media exhibition

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Open Source in New Media Art

Where: Kapok. G/F. 9 Dragon Road (behind Tin Hau temple), Tin Hau
When : 24th May-13th June 2007
Opening: 24th May 7pm FREE

GuLLDY and their co-curator Jeff LEUNG are pleased to present the exhibition “Right Click – Open Source New Media Art Exhibition“. Three international creative parties will present their interactive new media artworks based on Open Source programming and technology. What will be showcased are not only the completed works of art but also the entire processes as well as sources of the technology and the conceptual ideas applied to these works. In short, the exhibition aims to open and share with audiences every step involved in the productions of the exhibits, promoting the very spirits of DIY(Do-It-Yourself) and Creative Commons.

Creative parties including Daniel Shiffman (USA) with Swarm, Josh Minor (USA) with Video Pong, micro+playground (Taiwan)with React Memory will present their works in the exhibition. Among these parties, Josh Minor and micro+playground will come from aboard for the opening party and seminars, sharing their creations and creativity’s with audiences.

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