E-Fabrics: Brazilian Alternative Textile Materials

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E-Fabrics is a branch of E-Brigade, an environmental information and awareness organization that promotes actions to spread a culture of individual responsibility and sustainable development. This branch was founded by Brazilian designer Oskar Metsavaht, whose brand Osklen was considered by WGSN ‘one of the top ten most influential and inspiring brands in the world’, and aims to identify textile commodities that respect fair trade criteria and sustainable development. “E-Fabrics it’s not a certification, on the contrary. As an identification label, its philosophy even covers transition products”, they say on their website. This organization has already incorporated in its lines products from recycled PET, reused jeans, organic cotton, alternative leathers, natural fibers such as organic silk, manual knittings, and alternative materials such as ‘Natural Latex from Amazonia’. All of E-Fabrics developments can be seen on the organization website, and some were put to use in Osklen’s latest collection, Amazon Guardians (picture). This collection features a material from recycled PET, organic knittings, and accessories from recycled wood. ::E-Fabrics ::Osklen

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