Azteca Dunny

 ( via designbot.landliving )

So I finally had the chance to check out the new Dunny series by Kidrobot and was pleasantly suprised with a few of the pieces.

Entitled Azteca, the new line has provided a great platform to showcase some serious design talent coming out of Mexico today.

Curated by Headquarter in Mexico City, the Azteca Dunny series showcases some of the hottest names in Mexican art, fashion, graphic design, music, and industrial design. The brightly colored series captures the creative passion of MexicoÕs artistic community. The objective of the series was to bring to the surface the very essence of Mexican street arts, underground culture, and diverse history.

Artists featured in this series include: Artemio, Beast Brothers, Carlos Dufour, Ed Sison, El Muerto, Jenkah, Saner DSR, v.m.06, Queque Rangel, Mocre, Kraken and N.A.H.U.A.L.

Pound for pound this is actually a solid grouping of designs that for me is up there with the Los Angeles Series. Be sure to check out Kidrobot’s site for more images.

Link: kidrobot 


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