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Twenty Chastis’d
May 5 – June 5 2007

There are artists who love to live in the media limelight and others who prefer discretion. Erich Von Gotha belongs firmly to the second category. Despite having worked as an artist for well over twenty years he has only just begun to give interviews.

However, besides taking delight in mistery (for many years he was obsessed by the treasures hidden by the Templar Knights) it is also important to point out that he lives in puritan England, a country with censorship laws so strict that they do not allow any of his books to be published. His works are translated and read throughout the world, apart from in his country. Erich Von Gotha is one of the greatest erotic and English comic strip artists ever.
2001 “Sweat, Tears & Reflections ”, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Bologna (solo show)
2002 “Erotic Drawings”, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Bologna (solo show)
2007 “Twenty Chastis’d “, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Roma (solo show)
2001 “Sweat, Tears & Reflections ”, catalogue of the exhibition held at Mondo Bizzarro Gallery.

(text via gallerys’ website )


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