The business card and the garden smuggler

( via bldgblog )

The Dirt introduces us to this business card slash micro-terrain by Tur & Partner, landscape architects. It’s a portable garden: impregnated with seeds, in the photosynthetic presence of sunlight and water, the paper eventually sprouts.
Which reminds me of a birthday card my brother once bought: if you buried the card and watered it, small seeds incorporated into the cardstock’s fibers would germinate. Which, in turn, makes me wonder if you could use this exact same method to smuggle rare plants out of totalitarian regimes intent on crushing botany within their borders… whether or not such regimes actually exist.
Or future trans-botanical geneticists, fleeing persecution, will hide their greatest seeds inside the pages of fake landscape guides, woven into the actual paper; they then bury their libraries in the soil of distant hillsides, and cloned roses and hybrid flowers soon grow.

(Card also featured at anArchitecture, among other places).


Filed under: architecture, art, design, new media, technology

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