Swish, Swap or Ditch ‘n’ Switch?

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Ooh, how exciting – a new craze is sweeping the planet, and it involves all our favourite things: free clothes, drinking wine and having fun with friends and strangers!

Welcome to the world of swishing. Or swapping. Or ditch ‘n’ switch. Or even swap-a-rama razzmatazz….. Fashion swapping parties have got cool and everyone from Aussies to New Yorkers are creating their own unique brand of swappy fun – from sophisticated get-togethers in private members bars, to full-on get naked debauchery in London’s more salubrious nightspots…..

So, which one will you choose?

‘SWISHING’ is the oh-so-sophisticated term coined by sustainability communications company Futerra. Bring at least one accessory or item of clothing to the party, and once the swish has been declared open, you can grab anything you want! We came away with some hot nearly-new accessories and recycled some of our old stuff. Ta-da! Guilt-free wardrobe update! Their only rules are ‘no biting, scratching or spitting’… (We might have broken a couple of those rules!)
Novice swishers can learn the ropes here.

‘SWAP-A-RAMA RAZZMATAZZ’ is hysterical! If you like the idea of swapping clothes with your dancefloor neighbour every time the klaxon sounds – this one’s for you. Don’t expect to come back with a chic new outfit but do expect a night to remember!

Info: swaparamarazzmatazz.

‘VISA SWAP’ is a 3 week pop-up swap shop opening on London’s Brompton Road. A collaboration between Visa and TRAID to ‘encourage sustainable fashion through ethical swapping’, this promises to be the biggest swap event yet. Drop off your old clothes in the first 2 weeks and in return you get a Visa Swap chip card which is charged with redeemable points. The more expensive your donated item is, the more points you earn. Then on the 3rd weekend it’s Party Time: you can spend all your points on other items in the pop-up store! Kylie, Phoebe Philo and Giles Deacon have already dropped off their old clothes! And as if that’s not exciting enough, there’ll be customizing workshops as well as stylists and hair and make up artists on hand to make you look even more beautiful in your new free clothes! What more could a girl ask for?

Info: visa swap

‘DITCH ‘N’ SWITCH’ is where sassy Scots head to when they want a night of serious fashion swapping! The evenings are hosted by style consultants Catherine Sinclair and Karen Finlayson who’ve just held one at Edinburgh’s glitzy Lulu bar but are about to give Glasgow girls a taste of the action at their next party on 26th June.

Info: renideo.

‘SWAP-O-RAMA-RAMA’s art college vibe encourages swappers to get crafty with their new found items. They’re offered alterations and customization at ‘sewing stations’ positioned by the great big pile of clothes! Amazingly they’re now held in a whopping 40 cities across the US!

Info: swaporamarama

‘FEATHER DUSTER’s a swapper’s delight of an afternoon full of free clothes, cupcakes and champagne! The event is put on by London-based Hybird who ensure that any left over clothes are donated to TRAID.

Info: hybird

‘Y SWAP’ held their first swap event last month in Chelsea but with the steep £20 entry fee we were more than a little sad when we came home empty handed! Boo hoo!

Info: y swap.

But if all this whipping your clothes off whilst being sociable doesn’t tickle your pickle then check out these fab swapping websites instead: UK –based whatsmineisyours.com or Australian swap site swapstyle.com

Good for you as not only is swapping sustainable for the planet but also for our bank balance too!

Good for the environment as swapping is just good old fashioned recycling. 900,000 tons of shoes and clothes are thrown away in the UK each year and 75% of waste textiles ends up in landfill or is burned – increasing the pollution of our land and air.

Swap Till You Drop!


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