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Diagramming Microchips
Eprom Intel Corp 1974 & AT&T Bell microprocessor (Crisp) from Diagramming Microchips by Cara McCarthy

The out of print ‘Diagramming Microchips’ by Cara McCarthy is an exquisite surrender! – High quality full page spreads of orthogonal microchip arcologies and micro-labyrinthine PCB boogie woogies! Taking the liberty with my camera at Pete’s place, I snatched these pictures for you.

The mandalic attitude of this neural net chip with its conspiratorial eye in the triangle, IBMs OP-art (Dram)mifiactions. And the Universal Turin’ posturing of this Intel EPROM.

There used to be guy in the old Spitalfields market who fashioned some nice lamps from legacy printed circuit boards but Theo Kamecke wears the crown in this territory. Harnessing the hieroglyphic nature of these boards he makes intricate work that implies craftsmanship of artwork made millenniums ago.

Theo Kamecke
Anasazi & Norse (details) – Theo Kamecke

‘He saw in the graphic patterns of electronic circuitry with their endless variety the same beauty we perceive in seashells, in crystals, in the grain of wood or even in the tree itself. All these are, after all, forms derived from function, so if we find beauty in them it is not because they were designed to please the eye.’

Other artists, mentioned at NatureisData before, employing the circuit board aesthetic are Mark Wilson, particularly his paintings and drawings, & Jock Coopers fractal circuitscape elevations, perhaps conjectural plans for a future city. Polyforms and Conduits featured Peter Halley’s cell network paintings, the same post also pointed to Brianelectro’s glitchboards.

Nobili-Pesavento 29-state machine & untitled, 1973 drawing, Mark Wilson

We should not forget our old friends the Cellular Automata, which compare well visually with IBM’s Dram chip, both contain labyrinthine steps on a set of electronic ghats connecting a traffic system for the ebb and flow electrical resistance. A while back the Crystalpunk high priest posted a wonderful picture, part circuit, part Automata, part architecture over datastream – the ultimate in microchique!


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