Tattoo-me boots

( originally by twenty1f )

( via her portfolio page )

“We rub our culture into our skins.” – The Kayapo Tribe

The inspiration for this project came from tattoos, There are various elements of tattoos that interest me these being the almost coded language that is transpired thought it, rituals and the definition of beauty within our culture and others, also the ideas of social positioning that is often a implication of the way that are body image is perceived by others, also can tattoos capture a moment a memory or sum up a period of time that has meaning or worth to us more than an object? With theses interests in mind I wanted to create a product that would incorporate these areas.

Through exploring tattoos in great detail I have developed a way of tattooing oneself without the use of inks and needles. The tattoo-me boots have changeable linings each of the linings have a different pattern on, when worn they will eventually leave an imprint on the legs, thus creating a temporary tattoo. Each lining depicts a rite of passage, the cherry symbolises losing your virginity, and it can also be used to allow your partner to know that you are ready for a sexual relationship. The butterfly symbolises coming of age and the doves symbolise new beginning.


Filed under: academic, fashion, space/place

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