Sonic Jacket

( via twenty1f )

The purpose of the ‘Sonic Jacket‘ is to record sounds from the environment through which one moves during the day or night. By the end of the day/night a traveler will have a collection of an environmental sound experiences.

Time of the traveling is determining different characters of experience. By the time differentiation are concerned distinct periods of the day and of the night.

So ultimately as a traveler can take pictures of places one will be able to take samples of sounds. A traveler is also able to share these sonic experiences through interaction with other people. Instead of using words traveler is going to use a sound to convey his daily or night activities, impressions and experiences. In this way ‘Sonic Jacket’ becomes a personal instrument of an individual creative expression.

Interaction between a traveler and people from his surroundings is obtained through physical contact. In the moment of interaction a random sound is played. The length of a sound is depending upon the intensity of interaction or the duration of physical contact. Intensity of interaction is depending upon the level of personal relation with the individuals involved in interaction.

Beside a sound as a new level of communication, ‘Sonic Jacket’ is also introducing another way of contact between people. Touch is concerned as a body language that can determine a level of personal contact between two people. As such it can also determine at what level is a relationship between two people. In this sense project is playing with a length of a touch. Length of a touch is determining a level of personal.

A project by Michelle Aoolfs.


Filed under: art, fashion, locative, mobility, new media, physical computing, space/place, technology

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