Richard Rogers & Bamboo for Madrid’s Airport Extention

( via treehugger )


We mentioned the Spanish company Tuka Bamboo before for their lush flooring and other delicious construction material but their latest project definitely deserves another mentioning. We visited them at Construmat and here’s what they told us. Not less than 200.000 m2 of bamboo plywood for the roof turned Terminal 4 of Madrid’s Barajas airport into something more than a space before take-off. Tuka Bamboo, the provider of the material, explain that the bamboo had been chosen for its sustainable and ecological criteria. The 5-layered strips for this construction had been especially designed for this project and had undergone a particular fireproof as well as anti-humidity treatment.

This multiple design award-winning airport, designed by none other than Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners (formerly known as Richard Rogers Partnership), has another innovative feature apart from the bamboo wave structure to improve well-being and eco-friendliness in this airport: an exemplary use of daylight!

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