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PSFK presents a series of presentations and discussions by leading innovators over the course of a day. We have invited some of the most brilliant thinkers who will lead tomorrow’s businesses to speak to an audience from the creative, media and marketing communities.

In the morning our speakers and panelists will explore new trends and ideas in areas like digital media and eco-consciousness; and in the afternoon the speakers will provide inspiration on how to apply the insights gained from looking at trends and ideas and applying them for new marketing, branding and design.

Confirmed Speakers

Agenda For PSFK Conference London

8.00 Registration

8.30 Welcome – Piers Fawkes

8.45 How Digital Media Screwed The Media Business – Mike Butcher
Journalist Mike Butcher talks about how media owners are on a race for survival now against technology companies that put the power to publish in the hands of the ‘audience’.

9.15 When artists and designers mess around with technology – Regine Debatty (We Make Money Not Art)
Today artists explore electronics, digital bits and even the so-called “emerging technologies” such as biotechnology or nanotechnology. Why should it matter to us?

9.45 The Marketing Gap In Green – Chair: Karen Fraser (Ethical Index) Panel: John Grant (BrandTarot), Diana Verde Nieto (Clownfish), Tamara Giltsoff (OZObrand), Santiago Gowland (Unilever)
Could marketing departments and their agencies get left behind by both the corporations they serve and the consumers they supply?

10.30 Coffee

10.50 Five by Five – Niku Benaie (Naked)
Five themes. Twenty-five ideas, items to inspire and personal gems. One for every minute of the twenty five.

11.20 tbc – Timo Veikkola (Nokia)

11.50 Turning Trends Into Insights – Chair: Steven Overman (Lowe Worldwide / Jack Morton) Panel: Beeker Northam (Bloom), Faris Yakob (Naked), Simon Sinek (Sinek Partners),
Got trends and ideas? Now what do you do with them?

12.40 Lunch

1.30 How To Build Innovation Into A Brand – Jeremy Ettinghausen (Penguin)
Penguin brand marketing – past, present and future. The challenge of reinventing a traditional brand for a digital age.

2.00 Alternative Reality Games – Dan Hon (Mind Candy)
How to serve brand experiences with an injection of adrenalin and fun.

2.30 10 Reasons Why Digital Is Better Than Advertising – Iain Tait (Poke)
Some chap from a digital agency tries to argue that an industry based around a bunch of geeks playing with joined-together computers is somehow more interesting than advertising.

3.00 Can Planners Really Be The New Creatives? Chair: Jessica Greenwood (Contagious Magazine). Panel: Harry Fowler (MajorPlayers), Amelia Torode (VCCP), tbc
Do planners really have the skills, experience and intuition to apply creativity in their work?

3.30 Coffee

4.00 Wine 2.0 – Hugh MacLeod
How a small South African wine company shook up an industry with a web 2.0 approach.

4.30 Visual Business – Martin Cole
Trying to sell visual things to non-visually literate people.

5.00 Change The World – George Parker (Madscam), Russell Davies (OIA), Johnny Vulkan (Anomaly)
What is the future role of the marketing industry? A tool to do good or just more noise?

5.50 Close

(subject to change)

For information visit conference.psfk.com. Questions? sales@psfk.com


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