DesignMai5 in Berlin: Digitalability

( via treehugger )

Were you here celebrating the fifth year of DesignMai bringing cutting edge design trends to Berlin? If not, it was your loss. Around the theme of “Digitalability”, DesignMai sought to explore the interactions of design with the tools of the digital age as well as the possibilities for designing in the era of virtual reality. The interface of design with social action was pushed once again in the amnesty international competition in which designers were asked to submit designs supporting action on human rights campaigns for the “design on duty” competition. The best designs were shown in award ceremonies at the Kulturbrauerei (Q: just how cool is a city with a “Culture Brewery”?).

Two exhibits demonstrated viscerally the power of rapid prototyping for designing. In Sketch Furniture by Front, three dimensional air-drawings are captured by laser solidification of liquid plastic. Lines which appeared to be drawn in the air materialized as solid three-dimensional objects, completely obliterating the distinction between concept and reality. The second exhibit demonstrated the potential for absolute customization in sport glasses designed to fit exactly to the contures of the customer’s face. How do these new capabilities support green design? Of course, any technique for making more stuff creates a risk of over-consumption; but the ability to prototype designs is an important tool for waste minimization, energy- and material-efficient execution of projects and other goals of green designers.

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