Aurora Robson: Recycled Plastic Sculpture

( via fiftyrx3 )



For the last three days I participated in the Green Room exhibit at Designers & Agents. The popular fashion trade show just launched their new eco-initiatives with this Fall II/ Resort show in NYC. There were many good things happening, which I will write more about on Sustainable Style Sunday. However, due to being a closeted artist, it wasn’t the latest fashion or accessory that captured my heart, but rather the wonderful sculpture by Aurora Robson. I spent three days in the room with the pieces and the artist and was inspired by both.

Aurora is a Brooklyn-based artist who after several successful years working as a creative for MTV decided to devote herself full-time to her art. She was primarily painting and welding sculptures at the time, but after a back injury welding metals became more challenging. As she stared out her studio window one day in a creative brainstorming daydream her eyes came to rest on a discarded plastic bottle giving birth to her new medium. The sculptures are inspired by nightmares Aurora had as a child, therefore turning a negative into a positive both psychologically and environmentally.

* Aurora Robson


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