Sex Hacks: Artists, Technologists, Designers, & Geeks

( via laughing squid )

Sex Hacks takes place this Monday, May 21st at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. Produced and moderated by sex blogger Melissa Gira, the event features NYC artist Norene Leddy presenting “The Aphrodite Project”, sex geek qDot on Sex Toy Hacks, dominatrix Natasha Strange demonstrating Hypnotic Electronic Mind Hacks and art prankster Johannes Grenzfurthner of monochrom (who is in town for Maker Faire) talking about the sex & technology conference Arse Elektronika 2007 which takes place October 5-7 in San Francisco.


A little background on The Center for Sex and Culture :


OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide non-judgmental, sex-positive sexuality education and support to diverse populations by means of classes, workshops, social gatherings, cultural events, and practical skills-building events; to maintain and house these events and supporting materials and functions; to maintain a publicly-accessible library and archives; to staff and support this learning environment.

More info.> 


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