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Human Platform

100 days in 100 images of 100 people… 100 people around the world taking 100 pictures of their Mondays. 100 completely different Mondays.

From this Monday, and until we receive he first 100 submissions PlataformaHumana (Human Platform) 100x100x100 is on.

The project is a collection of 100 days in 100 images of 100 people, or better yet of 100 people around the world taking 100 pictures of their Mondays. 100 completely different Mondays.

The idea is to take pictures from when you wake up until you go to bed, taking on an avaradge a picture every 10 minutes. Pictues of everything, anything that comes up, the bread (muffin, bagle, scone) that you eat for breakfast, of the car that is driving in front of you, the old lady in the bus, your boss, your computer, your pen (pencil) of everything or nothing, depending on what you do. The perfect excuse to take pictures of all that you wished you can take a pictrure of at some point in your life, but never had a good reason to do so.

The rules are pretty simple:

0. Take 100 pictures. (no more no less)
1. All the pictures need to be taken horizontally (landscape view)
2. Possibly not in high definition. (in your camera you can change the resolution for taking a picture, the best resolution is the lowest, this way is easier to send them, if possible 640×480 px)
3. Do not edit the pictures in your pc.
4. If possible activate in the camera the function time/date in oreder to record them in the pictures.
5. Don’t cencure
6. Send them via compress file (zip file) at 100@plataformahumana.com up to 10mb. For bigger files, please send http://www.yousendit.com/ (up to 100mb)

The idea behind the project is to be able to see through a web page how many different people around the world spend a MONDAY. Even though many images will be of pc screens with many excel sheets, many others will be of very discinct places, people on vacation, people whom are doing nothing or people whom staid in bed. Many will find out that they have lunch at the same place, or others will figure that they go to places that they had forgotten. Or that simply don’t have anything in common. Or everything . In reality …. We believe that the vast part of what we are going to find out will be when we will check out all the pictures.

This started on Monday Octorber 2nd 2006 with pictures taken in Chile, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, the USA, the UK, France …. in the desert, on the mountains, in many cities ….

This project has raised a lot of interest, we have gotten already many pictures, which we will be publishing when we get 100 Mondays of 100 different people.


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