Making music videos in Japan

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Anna Baltl works as camera assistant for Japanese music videos. For PingMag she documented her work with her cell phone: this one is on set of J-Pop act UVERworld’s new clip “endscape”. “You can see the lighting director on the right, busy with the light setting. The ‘lighting director’ is peculiar to the Japanese film system,” says Anna.
[Watch the whole endscape video here.]

The cinematographer and the first camera assistant – that was for the new video of piano singer Angela Aki: the cinematographer filmed her sitting on top of a steeple playing the piano. Most of the takes were shot with green screen.

Austrian Anna Baltl, 23, spent a couple of months in Tokyo as a student learning Japanese until she became camera assistant for music videos. Things started to speed up: just in the last two months she has worked with glitzy J-Pop stars like Arashi, Remioromen, UVERworld, Angela Aki – and German soul singer Joy Denalane amongst other. For PingMag she spent a bit of her meagre spare time to explain the making of video clips in Japan – and let us kindly sneak behind the scenes through the picts she took on set with her mobile…

Written by Verena

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