Dude! Where Can I Park My Car in China?

( via treehuger )

Look at the photo above, and you’ll see just a few of China’s 11.5 million private cars. (That 2006 number represents a one-third jump from 2005 levels.) Take a closer look, and you should be able to discern cars parked on sidewalks. And if you look really closely, you might be able to pick out cars double-parked on sidewalks, and even the guy whose job it is to direct cars into sidewalk parking “spots.” What you won’t see is that parking spots, for China’s new middle class homeowners, are “one of the many modest causes that have brought a change in the urban mentality – beyond a consciousness of limited legal rights, to a growing awareness of the need for a more active ‘civil society’ as a balance against arbitrary officialdom.” More after the jump. ::Economist.com

Full article here > 


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