Wash and Wearable: MIT’s Musical Jacket

via n_m_r 

The Musical Jacket–a Levi’s jacket that has been transformed into a musical instrument, complete with keyboard, synthesizer, and speakers, by students in the Opera of the Future and Physics and Media groups at the Lab.

The Musical Jacket looks like any other denim jacket, with an added decorative element: an embroidered keypad over the left pocket. This keyboard, developed by Interval Fellow Rehmi Post, graduate student Maggie Orth, and undergraduate researcher Emily Cooper, is sewn from mildly conductive thread. When it’s touched, it sends a signal to another processor, which in turn runs a MIDI synthesizer, built by Motorola Fellow Josh Smith and graduate student Josh Strickon. Sound is projected through mini-speakers in the jacket’s pockets. The whole setup weighs less than one pound, with most of that weight coming from batteries and speaker cases.


Filed under: fashion, new media, physical computing, technology

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