Uslu Airlines: Airbrushed Skin Art

full article (at) pingmag.jp

Magnificent beauty, done with airbrushed make-up by Uslu Airlines. These hypnotizing eyes were part of the ‘Berlinerinnen’ photo series by founder Feride Uslu – from Berlin. Photo by Uli Holz.

PingMag will now enter the field of skin care, no joke. Seriously, you don’t have to be into beauty products at all to be amazed by this: Uslu Airlines is an airbrush make-up set that transforms the skin with unique water-based colours. Just to show some possibilities with that quite special make-up: as warm-up, give somebody a dark tan in 2 minutes. More: create some fantasy ornaments on someone’s face or prettify a person with patterns sprayed on the skin (or also on clothing) through a stencil. All done with a faint airbrush, soft like a breeze. So welcome founder Feride Uslu from Berlin and make-up artist Kaori Kasso from Tokyo for the Japanese launch of Uslu Airlines. While getting a gossamer spray paint in the aftermath of the launch party, PingMag talked to Feride and Kaori about airbrushed skin art.

Written by Verena


Filed under: art, fashion

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