StudioKanna: A Meaningful Approach To Design

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Cute and simple packaging design for hair salon “4th floor” in London, designed by Kanna. What a nice play with geometric forms: the “4” on the package gives you different impressions depending on your viewing angle.

The Syn Entertainment CD sleeve design is one of Kanna’s works at NORTH. The same track came as a package together with the Japanese mobile phone Talby, designed by Marc Newson. The font of the song title, “Free,” consists of Talby phone parts.
Though StudioKanna was only established last September in Tokyo, she has a lot to show us: Kanna’s design carries a strong concept and its logical simplicity has a comfy feeling thanks to its careful structure. Today, PingMag introduces StudioKanna and talks with her about an approach to meaningful design – something young designers around the world – and in Japan – easily tend to forget about.

Written by Chiemi
Translated by Natsumi


Filed under: graphics, new media, research

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