Sabine Seymour: Introducing Fashionable Technology


Sabine Seymour: sabine@moondial.com

Sabine Seymour focuses on ‚the next generation wearables‘ and the intertwining of aesthetics and function. She introduced the course ‘Fashionable Technology’ at Parsons, joined the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz/Austria, and consults on the ‘wearable initiative’ at Academy of Arts in Tallinn/Estonia.

Moondial Inc is the commercial entity that resulted from Sabine’s research and her role as an educator. Projects include prototypes for intelligent clothing, strategies for the integration of wireless technologies in clothing and equipment, and wearable HCI for healthcare and sport. Moondial Inc is now based in Vienna with an office in New York.

Sabine was a member of the International Programming Committee for the Wearable Experience section at ISEA2004. She publishes and presents for instance at Ars Electronica, Cooper Hewitt, and Viper. Selected press appeared in Financial Times, MSN Mobile Momentum, Advertising Age, De:bug, and Rhizome.

Sabine is currently writing her PhD dissertation dealing with creativity, innovation, and economics in smart clothing/wearables due to be finished in 2007. She received a Master of Social and Economic Sciences from the University of Economics in Vienna and Columbia University’s MBA program in New York and an MPS in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU’S Tisch School of the Arts.


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