Lifestyle and fashion from the townships in South Africa

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Cape Town’s townships burst with creativity. They are the meeting-place for traditional African culture and global youth cultures. Styles in fashion, dance and music are seen as a way out of poverty. Tomorrow’s global subcultures are born in the big cities of the Third world. Here Nosie, the woman with the shaven head stands out of the crowd and preens.

The price tag is proof that the sunglasses are brand new. Yes, he does wear them just like that.

The Beautiful Struggle is more than a 143 pages heavy book of lifestyle and fashion photography introduced to you from some of the poorest areas of Cape Town, South Africa. This vital collection of images is a statement, a reason to visit Cape Town’s townships (or Shanty towns) and experience their true spirit of sharing, life and their incredibly positive energy to move towards a brighter future. Here is an interview with fashion and documentary photographer Per Englund from Sweden and township visionary Mlamli Figlan from Guguletu about their special friendship and collaboration: how they introduce fashion and lifestyle from these areas to the outside world, make the townships more accessible for everyone and re-establish pride and hope by spreading some good news from the townships!

Written by Uleshka


Filed under: art, fashion, space/place, urban

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