DRIFT: audio visual synergies

full article (at) pingmag.jp

For their DRIFT DVD, Lee Ranaldo and Leah Singer used split screen techniques to put two very different images next to each other and let the audience have their own experience out of this combination.

Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo and filmmaker Leah Singer at Tokyo’s Super Deluxe.

On April 15th, poet and Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo and visual artist and filmmaker Leah Singer came finally to Tokyo’s Super Deluxe for their experimental DRIFT DVD. Although the work has been shown all over the world since 1991, we hadn’t had a chance yet to see it in Japan! At the venue, film displayed images on a split screen to be overlapped by sound and poetry… Really, everyone in the crowded and overheated place was completely intoxicated with its fantastic world. PingMag luckily had a chance to talk to the couple about DRIFT.

Written by Ryoko
Photos by Sebastian Mayer
Translated by Junko


Filed under: art, films, new media, space/place

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