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Spherical beauty: “Attracted to Light” by Geoffrey Mann traces a moth’s flight around a light source, digitized with a 3D scanner – and made physical through rapid prototyping. Part of the Digitalability exhibition of Berlin’s Designmai. Photo by Sylvain Deleu.

“Digitalability” lettering in the Designmai cataolgue: elettriche typeface by Alessio Leonardi.

Digitalability is this year’s main theme of the annual Designmai exhibition and conference in Berlin, starting from May 12th until May 20th. Digital ability – what does this actually mean, this portmanteau of digital and ability that rolls a bit heavy on the tongue? Easy, Digitalability curator Atilano González-Pérez will explain the three-dimensional convergence of designers and technology for PingMag.

Written by Verena


Filed under: art, new media, physical computing, technology

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