Remix culture

via  Center for social media [School of communication,  American university]

There is a ton of new creativity in the user generated space, and much of it builds on unauthorized uses of copyrighted material. In this new era of participatory media, where should we draw the line between infringement and fair use? Take a look at our new video, highlighting some of the ways that existing content is being repurposed. This video is designed to provoke discussion, so please share your thoughts with us on our blog.

To download a quicktime version of this video right click here.


Filed under: academic, new media, opensource, research

One Response

  1. mkeckler says:

    Thought-provoking for sure.

    Copyright is always a big issue in academia with the growing problem of plagiarism. You raise a very good discussion, which I’d love to pass on to may colleagues.

    My creative (and dominant) side sees great potential in open source content and fair use of media to enhance teaching, learning, and more.

    I’m off to ponder this some more.

    Great site here, by the way. I subscribed.


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