Digital Well Being



Digital Well Being

Black & White Collection

The Digital Wellbeing Showroom is the first of a new kind of retail environment for digital lifestyle products. The showroom presents a selection of exclusive digital appliances that include software and internet services, alongside bespoke and customized products.

Digital Wellbeing believes in reducing choice whilst injecting personality into the collection as presented here. Digital Wellbeing seeks to create an inspirational retail environment that nurtures harmonious relationships between products.

Discover not just electronic appliances, but also furniture, accessories, fashion, books, music, games, online services and work from internationally acclaimed and locally sourced interaction designers and media artists. We are creating a platform to encourage a greater understanding of interaction design, the interactive media arts and industry.

We tune technology to create harmony in your life.

The Team

You can design award winning products, develop the technol-ogy, conduct deep anthropological research around the world, chart interaction architectures, create prototypes, perform user tests, develop marketing and brand strategies … in the end, if your product is placed on a shelf or website within a poor customer experience, and the sales person cannot formulate the benefit beyond the features of your product in comparison to others, your product will fail in the market place.

We are setting out to bring inspiration, not just choice, into the retail experience of digital lifestyle products and services.mission

Digital Wellbeing Labs are Alexander Grunsteidl (ex-IDEO, Apple) and Priya Prakash (BBC New Media) who believe in the celebration of simple, elegant, digital behaviours. We are establishing the first dedicated digital lifestyle showroom in London.


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