Community Wireless :: Your community; Online and Wirefree

Community Wireless :: Your community; Online and Wirefree

CommunityWireless.org is an umbrella organization – representing the needs of the emerging community networks

In short we represent a global dream… and it’s out there. Happening. Right now.

Using ‘off the shelf’ and license-free Wireless LAN technology (802.11) various groups and individuals are embracing bandwidth and content, and sharing it with their community.

But it’s not restricted to Internet access, just think of the possibilities;

Neighbourhood Groups and Local high-speed P2P Networking
Neighbourhood Watch/Surveillance using X10 and USB devices
Community game servers
Connectivity to Rural/remote sites, previously limited by cables.
High speed Video Conferencing
High speed Mobile content
Localised ‘Open Access’ TV and Radio stations (streaming audio/video)

The list goes on! It may seem like hot air, but it is very real.

It’s the Organic Internet. The Internet re-born. The Internet the way it should be;

Free from the restrictions of ‘Corporate’ thinking, and Revenue strategies.
Free from ‘profit over performance’.
Run by the users, for the users.


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