academic blogs and other interesting blogs

academic blogs and other interesting blogs

Weblogs and social software are part of the academy, both today and in the future.

This page gathers together the sites that we—as netPublics fellows—turn to, both as resources and as models.

Most of these sites mentioned here have RSS feeds.

netPublics weblogs

Originally kazys.net, Kazys Varnelis’s site has been online since 1998. He has been blogging network culture since 2000. Drupalized in 2005, this site also has rticles, projects, syllabi and other material in addition to the blog.

academic weblogs having to do with the Internet

Purse Lips Square Jaw:
A research blog by Anne Galloway, concerned with urban space and mobile/ubiquitous technology.

Space and Culture:
A research blog by Rob Shields and Anne Galloway, which accompanies the peer-review journal of the same name

academic weblogs that don’t have anything to do with the Internet

non-academic weblogs that have to do with the Internet

The most popular “blog” for all things mobile, run by technology journalist Howard Rheingold.

art, architecture, and design blogs: net.art, locative media

Takes advantage of the internet to make architecture more connected and open-minded by bringing together designers from around the world to introduce new ideas from all disciplines

We Make Money Not Art:
Looks at locative media as new media art, (for more specific focus on location-based wireless select the We Make Money Not Art locative tag

Networked Performance:
A site looking at locative media, augmented reality, distributed performance, environmental theatre, pervasive play, immersive gaming, telepresence and so on(once again for more specific focus on location-based wireless select the Networked Performance locative tag on the right side of the screen.

Blog from new media art world (don’t be put off by the somewhat avante-garde design aestehtic), about AI, architecture, art, audio, brainstorm, cartography, computing, conference, default, ethnography, hacking, haptic, information design, location-awareness, mobile, mundane, retro, social, space-place, spatial, swarming, urban, walking, wearing, wi-fi, and stuff.

In duce:
An extremely comprehensive site on all things locative related.

Elastic Space:
Timo Arnall’s awesome blog of things locative. His Flickr stream is equally engaging.

Other Sites of Note
A bookmark sharing application, that is useful for all kinds of things, including creating mini-blogs through the use of RSS feeds and tags. For an example of the latter, see the del.icio.us locative tag


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