Projects at Mauro Cherubini’s moleskine


Projects at Mauro Cherubini’s moleskine

STAMPS (2005)

System for TAgging Messages, Post-Inferential Semantics
This work targets specifically a human activity that we defined as Collaborative Annotations of a Map in a mobile setting. In general, this can be seen as a form of `Spatialised’ communication, which means that communication makes explicit usage of the geographical/physical context as referent to the message content. The goal of this study is to develop modelling schemas that enable to integrate spatial information, as embedded in maps, with the textual information produced through computer-mediated communication. Therefore the expected outcome of this study is twofold: on one hand we plan to find a computational description of space using the annotations of the space inputed by the users (and viceversa); on the other hand, we are planning to proof the goodness of such description through an applied verification.


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