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Jaiku | Home

Today we’re releasing an early beta of Jaiku! Jaiku is a phone book that lets you share your real-time rich presence from the phone.

We invented the term ‘rich presence’ to describe the many relevant things a phone knows about you. Rich presence on Jaiku includes an IM-style away line, your phone profile (ring volume, vibrate), location (country, city/region, neigborhood), Bluetooth devices around, upcoming calendar events, and the duration how long your phone has been idle.

You can view your contacts’ rich presence on jaiku.com, and once you have signed up, you can download a free client application for Nokia Series 60 Second Edition phones. We’ve also created some badges that let you display your rich presence on your blog. There are still some rough edges – please help us improve it by sending feedback to bugs [at] jaiku.com.

Feel free to sign up, take it for a spin, and let us know what you think!
– The Jaiku Team


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  1. Mayur says:

    nice blog dude…

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