Geography and Postmodernism; A Reflective Speculation

Geography and Postmodernism; A Reflective Speculation

Adedayo Adesina, Department of Geography, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Abstract: This brief paper is a review of eclectic epistemologies on postmodern urbanism in geography. A postmodern theory for a postmodern society, which tries to justify the repudiation of the Chicago school, and social movement that has recently become influential in urban Geography and planning. Dear and Flusty provide such a theory from Los Angeles vantage point. Their neologism not only provide a radical break in understanding urban form but, indeed, proclaim a victory of language dexterity over intellectual rationality in their intended role of provocative hypothesis generation. But there is strong evidence to the contrary; the non-universality of their claim and the ambivalence that pervades their presentation laid little or no credence to it validity in scientific tradition. The paper argues that a constructive dialogue and a range of perspectives within the concept of interdisciplinary research and between the disciplinary matrix of theoretical and methodological perspectives can contribute to a more progressive understanding of emerging urban form in a globalzing world.

Key words: Geography, Postmodernism, Postmodern Urbanism and Paradigm Shift.


Filed under: research, urban

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