Together with the Institute for the Future of the Book, I created this website as a way to think to about games. Games, as in computer games, are the subject of my next book, GAM3R 7H30RY. I am interested in two questions.

can we explore games as allegories for the world we live in?
can there be a critical theory of games?

I thought it would be interesting to share the book in its draft state to see if these questions are something other people might have ideas on or might want to pursue.

Please remember that this is only a draft, and that it is not meant to be an encyclopedia of all things game related. It’s a short book that explores a few ideas. Please have a look at the text before joining the discussion, so you have some idea of what we are and are not interested in here at the GAM3R 7H30RY site.

With that in mind, please feel free to use this space to explore these two questions, of what games tell us about the world, and what kind of critical theory one might develop out of the experience of gamers.

The Institute for the Future of the Book put a lot of thought and effort into designing the site to both serve the book and to facilitate discussion around it. Whether it works or not is another question you might like to pursue here.

If you like, you can also subscribe to the book and get a little chunk each day in your RSS reader. That way you can read it a bit at a time.


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